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Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has been gaining wide-spread usage and popularity here in California and it's not difficult to see why. With it's beautiful green

appearance and hassle-free nature it has become an excellent lawn

option due to the ever-increasing busyness of our schedules and daily

lives. We proudly install Watersavers Turf and here are a few

reasons why we recommend it.

Water-free and Maintenance-free

Probably the most obvious benefits of installing an artificial turf lawn is the money saved on your water bill and the time saved from not having to mow or trim it. Since artificial turf lawns require no water, this valuable natural resource is freed up to be used in more urgent places like farming. With our busy schedules, all of us can relate to the feeling of freedom that is gained from having time freed up in our daily lives — like the time you will save that would have been spent on lawn maintenance.

boy playing on artificial turf in petaluma

No Waiting

With traditional lawns you plant your seed and then wait for months to see your lawn come in. With artificial turf you have a beautiful, green lawn within a day or two of installation depending on the amount of area to cover.  

Money Saved

Your water bill is just one area where you will save money with an artificial turf lawn. You will also save money on purchasing lawn care equipment, lawn care maintenance, pesticides, and fertilizer. This adds up to quite a bit over the years!

artificial turf in petaluma

18 Year Residential Warranty

When you have an artificial turf lawn installed it comes with an 18 year limited warranty for residential use. So if you get the turf and it's damaged, we've got you covered. And during the 18 years if the sun greatly fades your turf lawn, that will be covered as well. 

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